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Unity In Uniondale

We are standing up because we have had enough!

We stand together to activate political will to enforce the Uniondale Place name resolutions and complete what began in 2015. The 2015 Town of Hempstead and Nassau County Planning Commission resolutions correctly unified the “Uniondale Census Designated Place (CDP) name”. The resolutions went into operational effect in 2021, upon the published release of the 2020 census. Use of the name “East Garden City” in the Town of Hempstead was retired.


Correcting Misinformation 

Pandemic and other conditions, delayed map updates, and slowed capacity to correct misinformation spread throughout all areas of Uniondale, Nassau County, and beyond until now. Alarms rang fiercely again in 2021, when place identity confusion hurt neighborhood safety by delaying emergency communications from specific Uniondale locations to our Uniondale Fire Department. Congresswoman Kathleen Rice convened a meeting with Google’s CEO to correct and update their maps to resolve the emergency communication delay issue. She succeeded, but we have had enough. Misinformation and community name confusion have been present for too long and continue to hurt Uniondale.

Implicit Bias

Denial of Uniondale community identification within our CDP shows implicit bias behavior. Nassau County claims they’ve trained staff and people, including our police, to recognize, correct, and not tolerate “implicit bias”. We hold Nassau County accountable for biased
outcomes. Sanctioning the denial of Uniondale’s true use of name and boundaries also equals theft of valued community asset identity, redlining behavior, and perpetuating bad intentions to fracture the community with unjust consequences. Stand with us on the right side of justice, accept and protect truth and enforce the use of the name Uniondale for all census tracts throughout the Uniondale CDP.

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 7.44.34 AM.png
Image by Liam Edwards

Intention for Protest

1. Save Uniondale Identity – Including Our Academic, Cultural, and Economic Assets!
2. Halt Implicit Bias and Redlining Behaviors
3. Correct Mislabeling of This Community’s Boundaries
4. Correct Maps. All must be up to date, accurate, and clear when representing Uniondale.
5. Correct and Prevent Funding Mistakes Based on Community Name Confusion
6. Eliminate the attempts to shred Uniondale by zip codes. We are Uniondale despite 9 zip codes!!!
7. Have Youth know the Truth: This is Uniondale!

Pose at Protest
zip codes touch Uniondale. USPS will not accept the zip code name (name on the zip code line of the address) of “Uniondale” for more than half of them. This is wrong and biased.
Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 10.56.31 AM.png

Uniondale Zip Codes

11553 – Uniondale name, standard form zip, but not to use Mitchell Field (misspelled)

11555 -Uniondale Special Unique- Not Citibank or RXR

11556- Uniondale Standard form for zip at RXR area- listed with only 17 res

11588- Uniondale associated in searches, but it is not yet validated by name, yet set up as a Standard form zip 

11590- Westbury – Uniondale is not an accepted name despite Uniondale areas. 

11549 -Unique - Hempstead address. no Hofstra, no Uniondale community name

11530- Garden City -standard -no Mitchell Field, no Roosevelt Field accepted – no Uniondale 

11531- Garden City PO Box only in Uniondale CDP

11599- Garden City-No Uniondale. It is not an accepted name, but all is physically located in Uniondale along Stewart Ave. 


Maps are still showing evidence of bias to obscure Uniondale bounds and discriminate with false old information (particularly via internet). Maps showed some unacceptable inconsistencies and allowed manipulative tactics, like different/incomplete images based on who may receive the map, to mute the truth.

 Tactics like low contrast print, print-overlay cover ups, and even images that divide the area across page breaks are common. Problem issues are compounded with references in media that incorrectly label Uniondale places.

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 10.38.57 AM.png

Do you tolerate anyone calling you what they want, while disrespecting your proper name?

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