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 Keep Uniondale United

Since 1917, Mitchel Field has been declared Mitchel Field, Uniondale. Confusion over the use of the name "East Garden City" resulted in the Town of Hempstead 2015 resolution to retire the use of the name, "East Garden City" within the township. 


Even to this day, there’s a misconception that places like Mitchel Field, Roosevelt Field Mall, Westbury Plaza, are not in Uniondale. To tackle the misinformation the Greater Uniondale Action Coalition has launched the “Did You Know” campaign; to inform the general public within Uniondale’s true borders. GUAAC is committed to the unification of the Uniondale community.

Did You Know...

The Roosevelt Field Mall and Westbury Plaza are in Uniondale, NOT East Garden City

In 2015 the Town of Hempstead passed a resolution that pushed the United States Census Bureau to drop the designation of the three square mile stretch of Uniondale previously known as EGC.


The Town of Hempstead has since removed all signs referring to EGC 

We want to emphasize that zip codes do not define us

The Gallery Westbury Plaza
Aerial View of a Houses

Uniondale Borders

Explore Our Borders

Serious Student

Why Is It Important?

Understanding the borders of Uniondale will help to maintain and develop...

Interactive Map

As you click through this map, realize that some location markers are still marked "EGC" even though it is in Uniondale. As our fight continues to keep Uniondale united we asking entities like google to update their information for the security and protection of Uniondale.

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